Your Real Self

Ask any student of the Ascended Masters what the path means to them and more than likely you will get a different answer from each one. The path is individualized for each of us according to our divine plan, karma, and level of attainment. Aligning with the Higher Self, the Real Self, is one of the goals we have in common.

The path of the Ascended Masters teaches us how to align and attune with our Higher Self. This is the inner teacher. Balancing karma, the chakras and the sacred flame of the heart (the threefold flame), daily prayer (decrees, mantras, affirmations), devotion to God, and dealing with everyday life is the path that liberates you to become your Real Self. The masters call this the path of the ascension.

The masters are very practical. They do not preach otherworldly or psychic communication. The Age of Aquarius is a state of consciousness. The path of the ascension teaches us self-discipline and helps us develop the self-mastery we need to align with our Real Self.

The masters have provided us with the tools and the teachings to help us transform and liberate ourselves and successfully pass our tests. The key to self-transformation lies within. If we are willing to do the work we can spiritually accelerate and raise our consciousness to become one with our Real Self.

Let's take a closer look at Mrs. Prophet and the master’s teachings she delivered.