The Messengers

Elizabeth Clare (1939-2009)
and Mark Prophet (1918-1973)

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet were inspirational spiritual teachers who taught from a unique perspective. Combining Western Spirituality with Eastern mysticism their profound wisdom and timeless teachings on the path of union with God have touched and transformed the lives of millions.

Both Mark and Elizabeth served as messengers for the Great White Brotherhood acting as spokespersons for the Ascended Masters. They received special training and initiations over many embodiments to prepare for this position in hierarchy. The role of a messenger is unique. In her book, Memories of Mark: My Life With Mark Prophet, author Annice Booth writes:

A messenger is not a channel, not a spiritualistic medium; a messenger comes under the dispensation of the prophets. In every age the Brotherhood has had those who are called the witnesses. These are they who write down the law, who give the warning and who give the prophecy to the people.

God has never left mankind without messengers, without prophets. And they have gone basically unrecognized, unheeded while civilization and karma have taken their course.

The training to be a messenger takes place over thousands of years. It is not something you get by psychic studies, nor is it something you receive by your own effort. The office of the messenger is an assignment and an ordination.

Let’s take a closer look at the role of messengers, the Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended Masters.