In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Mrs. Prophet was an exemplary teacher who had a profound understanding of spiritual concepts. Dedicated to her work, she devotedly served the Ascended Masters for almost forty years. She produced a vast body of work. Among them a treasure trove of spiritual teachings including: how to walk the spiritual path in the Aquarian Age, reuniting with your Holy Christ Self, karma and reincarnation, chakras, twin flames and soul mates, angels, the science of the spoken word, the path of the ascension, and practical ways to use the violet flame to heal body, mind, and soul.

Mrs. Prophet’s teachings on the Ascended Masters and their role in our daily lives are some of the most comprehensive ever written to date. She was able to weave together the spiritual teachings of the paths of East and West in a clear and concise manner. One of the things you quickly discover is that the teachings of the masters are timeless reflecting the modern day spirituality of the Aquarian Age seeker.

Mrs. Prophet wore several mantles that helped her to perform her duties as a messenger. Mantles are grids (forcefields) of light that carry with them great responsibility. Some mantles are gifts from God and others come with an office or position in life. For example, a teacher, Mother Superior or the President of the United States, each wears a specific mantle during their term of office so long as they uphold certain standards.

Let’s learn a little more about mantles.